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Does Coaching make miracles?

Few days ago someone told me that if I thought that coaching makes miracles I was wrong.

Obviously Coaching doesn´t make miracles.

Coaching it is a hard personal work to make changes and move forward.

A person that decides to start a coaching process and be committed to work hard and achieve his/her goal it is someone really brave.

It is not easy to face our own miseries and our fears.

It is not easy to face ourselves and say “It is my time to change my life”, “I am not a victim of the circumstances” or “I can achieve my goals”.

In a coaching process to use our strengths is important but to work on our weaknesses is even more determinant.

To discover why we let ourselves be a slave of the circumstances and to accept that each of us is responsible of our life requires courage.

Sometimes we can not do anything to change circumstances but we always choose our attitude.

From this blog I would like to congratulate anyone who has decided to improve his/her life.


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