Learn, Change, Flow


In the last post I gave you my opinion about how our attitude in life influences our day to day.

I did mention four elements that, I consider, help us to create a positive attitude.

Today I would like to go deeply into Gratitude, the first element I mentioned last time.

To me Gratitude is a way of living. It is about being aware of all and every single thing we can be grateful for.sun

It is about feeling grateful in our heart, and mentally or loudly saying thank you for all those things that make our day to day lives easier. Also being grateful for all those experiences that help us to grow and learn.  It is not only about the “good” things. It is also about the difficulties, because as I said last time it is a lot about our attitude in life, including the hard times.

Like many other things, practice helps to interiorize the feeling, the attitude, the perspective of gratitude.

Based on my values, the perspective of “to be” rather than “to have”, and disciplines such as yoga or meditation, I have included this practise into my day to day.

When I wake up in the morning, and also when I go to sleep at night, I just stop my mind and mentally say thanks. Sometimes for that shower I have in the morning, or for a simple dinner that feeds my body. For a phone conversation with a colleague, with my mother, a friend… For a message that has inspired me or has given me understanding or new perspectives for a worry.

I include in my gratitude all of those people that, I felt, hurt me, because when I was ready to change my perspective and move out of my ego I did learn my lesson.

Feeling grateful it is also about being present, feeling you are in the moment so you are paying attention to all the things and people around you.

So, take a second and ask yourself, how many things do you take for granted? What if you didn’t have them? What if you could not get water from the tap? If you were not healthy? If you could not have just a meal per day?

I invite you to reflect on this and decide whether or not this is a good practise for you.  If so, just move to action.

Thank you.


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