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Friendship and Coaching

FriendshipIt is said that a good friend is the best treasure we can have and, also, that the more we share with friends the less we need a therapist. What a truth!

Living in the era of technology where it is so easy to add new people to your social network list of “friends”, to have a good FRIEND is really valuable.

In my opinion, it is easy to have a lot of mates, but friends, FRIENDS, I count just a few.

I know this depends on the definition of friendship you have, so it could vary but, anyway, what a pleasure to enjoy time with the people we trust in and vice versa!

To me a good friendship has some characteristics in common with the relationship between Coach and Coachee. In both cases, personal and professional relationships, active listening, not judgement, being respectful and total trust are essential behaviours. Usually a good friend is able to understand our differences and perspectives so they can listen and share without trying to change our mind even if they give us their opinions.

They support us and encourage us to achieve our own goals and happiness and overall to flow with life. They also know when to be close and when to give space, without judgment, letting us grow.

Indeed, our behaviour with them is similar; supporting, acknowledging, listening and questioning our perspectives to allow us to grow.

This is also the Coach’s attitude. This is, in my opinion, the source of riches in a Coaching process.


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