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Storytelling and Coaching

Telling stories has been a common practice to transmit values, behaviours, experiences and dreams.

In coaching, using stories to support a client is a successful tool, both in group coaching and individual coaching. Through stories it is possible to give a clue, give insight, new perspectives and, overall, to invite the client to reflect.

As in a coaching process, stories have an introduction, a body and an end. They imply action and movement and we could even reflect about different scenarios based on different behaviours.

Stories aim to send a message.

From the other side of the coin, stories tell about someone doing something in someplace and it is then that Coaching takes place. Emotional Intelligence and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) have also a lot to do here.

Each of us has a story to live, a story to tell. Being aware of this is being aware of the fact that our story depends on us, our behaviours and our decisions.

We write every second, minute and day of it, step by step, in the only place where they can be created, in the present.

Nevertheless, past and future are also important scenarios in our storytelling.

Past because it is about how we understand our experiences in life, what kind of vocabulary we use to describe them, how we manage our learnings and what is still blocking us in the present.

Future is about our dreams, where and how we want to be in “some time” now. It has a direct impact on our present.

For the last few months I have been exploring the art of telling stories and applying it to my life and coaching. In fact, storytelling is part of flowithelife to empower the coaching process and support clients both by telling stories and creating our own coaching process mural. Go to flowithelife storytelling to find out more.

This experience has been very good so far and I am really grateful to the storytellers I have found in my life.

So, what is next?

It is your turn, think about your story, tell your story!



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