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Improving relationships in different contexts

Improving relationships in different contexts has been, since some years ago, a challenge for many people, both in their personal and professional lives.

A good start point to approach this issue is to think about the richness of diversity, understanding that “the map is not the territory” and different perspectives can enrich and expand our vision.

It is important to build up relations from a non-judgmental perspective and honest curiosity, leaving our ego and own perspectives aside to fill up with new experiences.

Once we have considered other points of view it is basic to establish what we have in common, where both can coexist, understand each other and grow. This requires a bilateral effort and, hence, communication plays a key role.

The second element to bear in mind is differences.

What can we do when we do not share perspectives and do not find a common framework?

This is a difficult question that depends on the situation and environment where it comes up. In any case, it will be necessary to create a framework of coexistence and, maybe, a structure of non-partnership where we can delegate the issues to manage to other people. This framework could be created through negotiation and concessions when it is a personal/familiar matter or through global policies and local practices when it relates to professional/company issues.

It is also probable that we will have to face difficult situations, that are really hard to sort out but, the use of empathy, respect and our personal flexibility in different environments and to different people will be on benefit.

I suggest you to develop self-awareness to know what kind of environments and people enrich us most and which ones require more attention. This awareness will guide us and will support us in managing the most difficult situations.

Ultimately, we are talking about improving relationships not matter the culture/contexts we are from.

Including knowledge about the history, origins and the reasons for different behaviors to our personal/social skills will give us an advantage for understanding.



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