Learn, Change, Flow

Change thoughts, change results

During the last few weeks, I have been preparing a workshop about taking care of our thoughts to make chage in our life.

I am convinced that many times what really matters is the way we live a situation, our attitude to face it and how we are telling the story. Based on previous posts it is obvious that I am interested in change management and the individual ability for personal transformation, so I had to start with myself!

Few days ago, I was feeling quite lazy, not doing much instead of working and justifying my attitude with excuses such as not feeling 100%, the weather, cloudy that day, or how tired I am at this time of the year… excuses as I have just said. However, for good, I was thinking about how to transform thoughts to get different results. So I wonder, what is going on with me? Where does this attitude come from? What thoughts are validating my action/attitude?

Right there I took pen and paper and wrote down and linked my thoughts and actions. The answer came soon. I was postponing my tasks because of two reasons, the lack of urgency and being plenty of time before the next project delivery. Great, I got the answer but, obviously, that couldn´t finish there. Cleary, that attitude was not worth it for me at all. I was not enjoying the feeling of not doing much, quite necessary sometimes but not then, so I continued with my exercise.

The next step was to change my thoughts “There is not urgency” and “I have plenty of time” for “I have plenty of time and I going to use it for my best”.

That simple mind change made me feel the power I have to lead my life, to transform that lazy moment in something worth it.

At that moment, I felt myself free like the bird in the picture.


So, how did the story continue? I got up from the couch and I enjoyed the afternoon doing a few things I was postponing.

Since then I have been feeling much more energized. Therefore, because I know it works, I would like to invite you to try this exercise. The only thing you have to do is to dedicate some time to yourself, take pen and paper and face that thought and attitude that are not being worth it for you so far.

 Everybody has an enormous ability to change.

Thank you for reading this post and share.

Thoughts and believes create emotions, then attitudes, and based on those ones we react. If you do not like the result you get, change it! And remember, start with your thoughts.

Note: with this post I don´t mean that everything can be changed but that we part of the our story

If you would like to work in a personal change process, contact me here

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