Little Big Things

Your breath is the rhythm of your life


Even if you do not realize it, the way you breath is telling you how is your life at that moment.

The last couple of weeks I have been quite busy, not time for much except working. Not time for a walk, for a little bit of relaxation.

Feeling that my breath was not calm, too anxious, so was I.

Feeling that I needed to stop.

Finally, today, I have managed to finish work a little bit earlier, go for a walk, and calm my breath.

I am feeling much better.

I am feeling more alive.

Be aware of your breath will allow your to be more aware of yourself, of how you are feeling at that moment.

It will allow you to get more balance and improve your health. You will be able to realize when you need to stop.

Find a place where you can get some calm. Feel your breath. Calm it down breathing in and out consciously. Deeper each time. Moving out all the stress and anxiety.

Repeat as many time as you need to start feeling free of the external pressure. It will still being there but once your breath is deep and calm you will be able to face it in a better mood and more constructive perspective.

Stop, feel your breath, calm it down. Feel alive.


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