Little Big Things

Dream and Be

Dream.... always...  to Live your dream. Be your best version no matter what other people think about And if you forget your dreams find new ones If you forget who you are, start looking inside If you don't know where to go, feel the moment, breath... Be Dream and Go    

Little Big Things

A new sunrise

When we flow with life, we know that some days are happier than other days. We know that there are lots of things to learn, to share and to thank. We do not take ourselves too seriously and we accept our moaning-days. Everything can change in a second and we know it. Today, life surprised me with a… Continue reading A new sunrise

Little Big Things

Your breath is the rhythm of your life

Even if you do not realize it, the way you breath is telling you how is your life at that moment. The last couple of weeks I have been quite busy, not time for much except working. Not time for a walk, for a little bit of relaxation. Feeling that my breath was not calm, too… Continue reading Your breath is the rhythm of your life