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Achieving our New Year’s Goals

As we know, the New Year’s wish list is, like our Father Christmas’ letter, full of hope. We also know that hope alone is, usually, not enough to achieve our goals. Once we are back to the day to day routine it is very easy to let the list fly away, postponing it to tomorrow… Continue reading Achieving our New Year’s Goals

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Believe in yourself!

Have you ever felt as if you were less worth it than someone else? Have you ever felt as if your opinion was not as interesting as other people´s? Have you ever created your own judgement, even about yourself, based on other people considerations? Many of us have felt that way sometimes. I have had… Continue reading Believe in yourself!

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Change thoughts, change results

During the last few weeks, I have been preparing a workshop about taking care of our thoughts to make chage in our life. I am convinced that many times what really matters is the way we live a situation, our attitude to face it and how we are telling the story. Based on previous posts it… Continue reading Change thoughts, change results

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Improving communication

Active listening is a topic that, personally, I find really interesting. It is the principal foundation upon which quality communication is created. Maybe it is because, wrongly or not, I consider that communication without active listening is just a monologue. My reflection to this topic is based, indeed, on two elements, how we communicate (active… Continue reading Improving communication

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Do you want to change your life? Act!

One of the first steps in a coaching process is to establish an Action Plan to support the client in achieving their goal.This step is essential because, in order to generate change, we need to act in the right direction. Otherwise we will move in a wrong way that will bring us where we do… Continue reading Do you want to change your life? Act!

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Improving relationships in different contexts

Improving relationships in different contexts has been, since some years ago, a challenge for many people, both in their personal and professional lives. A good start point to approach this issue is to think about the richness of diversity, understanding that “the map is not the territory” and different perspectives can enrich and expand our… Continue reading Improving relationships in different contexts

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Storytelling and Coaching

Telling stories has been a common practice to transmit values, behaviours, experiences and dreams. In coaching, using stories to support a client is a successful tool, both in group coaching and individual coaching. Through stories it is possible to give a clue, give insight, new perspectives and, overall, to invite the client to reflect. As… Continue reading Storytelling and Coaching

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Reframing Perspectives. More than one option.

Changing and reframing perspectives are important tools in coaching, and I would say in life. It helps to consider different possibilities for any situation we deal with. It supports us to move forward, to get unstuck, to flow. What is this about? Simple, it is just about considering other points of view for a situation,… Continue reading Reframing Perspectives. More than one option.