Dream and Be


Dream…. always…  to Live your dream.

Be your best version no matter what other people think about

And if you forget your dreams find new ones

If you forget who you are, start looking inside

If you don’t know where to go, feel the moment, breath…



and Go



A new sunrise


When we flow with life, we know that some days are happier than other days. We know that there are lots of things to learn, to share and to thank.

We do not take ourselves too seriously and we accept our moaning-days. Everything can change in a second and we know it.

Today, life surprised me with a beautiful sunrise that I want to share with you in case you are having a moaning-grey-day. :)







See more than what you have in front of your eyes…

Expand your Creativity


“Focus on the bright side”

By T.B.


For a good cause


I leave the supermarket; She raises funds for a project.

In exchange for a few coins, flowers.

With a simple action, my day changes.

With a simple action, another person´s day lights up

Present, conscious, a simple gesture, some hope, a big smile.

All for a good cause.




the little things






Calm down

Feel the silence

Find your center

Let it flow

Let it BE

Your breath is the rhythm of your life


Even if you do not realize it, the way you breath is telling you how is your life at that moment.

The last couple of weeks I have been quite busy, not time for much except working. Not time for a walk, for a little bit of relaxation.

Feeling that my breath was not calm, too anxious, so was I.

Feeling that I needed to stop.

Finally, today, I have managed to finish work a little bit earlier, go for a walk, and calm my breath.

I am feeling much better.

I am feeling more alive.

Be aware of your breath will allow your to be more aware of yourself, of how you are feeling at that moment.

It will allow you to get more balance and improve your health. You will be able to realize when you need to stop.

Find a place where you can get some calm. Feel your breath. Calm it down breathing in and out consciously. Deeper each time. Moving out all the stress and anxiety.

Repeat as many time as you need to start feeling free of the external pressure. It will still being there but once your breath is deep and calm you will be able to face it in a better mood and more constructive perspective.

Stop, feel your breath, calm it down. Feel alive.

New Year, New Extraordinary Moment

… my eyes got brighter when I saw it..

..went back, camera in hand..

..here you have another extraordinary moment…


…simple moments that only aim to remind us the beauty of life, the beauty of those little big things that we all have around. The only thing you have to do is to open your eyes with the innocence of a child and Life will give you extraordinary moments…