Flowithelife sessions mean to be a place where you and I can work together. You decide what you want to get and I will support you to achieve it.

How can I help you?

Creating an environment of trust, commitment, active listening, optimism, empathy and creativity in which I will support you to achieve your goal.

What tools and methodology I use?

Flowithelie sessions will adapt to your needs so, in order to achieve your goal, I will use the tools that suit you best, all of them from disciplines such as Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), or Emotional Intelligence. I will also use tools I have prepared during all these years working on Personal and Professional Development.

Why to flow? Find your own potential

The word flow frames four fundamental elements that we develop during our life. These are:

  • Flexibility to adapt ourselves to life, to find new perspective, to understand each other, flexibility to grow.
  • The ability to lead our life based on who we are, what we consider essential in our life and what we want to live.
  • The ability to recognize our opportunities and to create new ones.
  • Inner wisdom that come from experience, life, that wisdom that guide us.
proceso flow

flow is flexibility, leadership, opportunity and wisdom

 What topics could you work on in these sessions?

You can establish goals and reflections in the following areas:

  • Self-awareness – Self-esteem.
  • Personal and Professional relationships.
  • Professional change management, find a new job or improve the current one.

What is the structure of these sessions?

These are one to one sessions, 60 minutes long and email support, by phone or Skype so you can choose the best place for you to work on yourself. What is important here is that you find a comfortable and quiet place to work on yourself.

flowithelife sessions

How long does a coaching process take in flowithelife?

The average length of a process is 3 months or 12 sessions, but it varies from one goal to another and also from one person to another.

Moreover, I also offer Coaching Express, punctual sessions that you can use to find different perspectives of specific situations or to make decisions in the short-term.

How can you know if flowithelife is what you are looking for?  

If you like to find out if these sessions can help you, I really encourage you to try. I think it is the best way to know.

It is simple, send me an email (you will find the contact request on the bottom) asking for a Discovery Session. It is free!

During the Discovery Session, we will have the opportunity to know each other a little bit more as it is important to know if we can be a good team. You will also have time to ask me questions about the sessions and, indeed, you will try a short session.

Some testimonies

“I found Ana’s coaching really powerful. She helped me to get un-stuck and rebuild my self-esteem by talking through some difficult issues and working on them from a different perspective. I can honestly say that her non-judgmental, caring and practical approach with lots of positive feedback made the whole coaching process an incredibly useful and life changing experience for me.” A. E.


“Ana is a constant source of inspiration, encouragement and support. With her, I am transforming my purpose and vision into reality. Her insight to my areas that need more attention are enlightening and really helpful.  Prior to her coaching, I had very little structure and organization.
From my heart and soul, thank you.” A.C.

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